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The New Portal: NMSDC Central
NMSDC has implemented an innovative and straightforward new portal for online certification and recertification applications—NMSDC Central. It enables you to:
  • Upload your documents
  • Make payments through a secure electronic payment gateway
  • Receive notifications regarding your certification
  • Access the system from this CRMSDC website or from NMSDC’s website: www.nmsdc.org
Applicants will need to request a login ID and password to complete the application. Before getting started, review the NMSDC Central Videos and read the information below. Then click on “Apply Now” at bottom of this page.

We appreciate your patience during this transition. If you have any questions, please contact Errol Taylor, Director of MBE Services, at: errol.taylor@crmsdc.org  or (301)841-8150.

Become Certified

An MBE is a minority business enterprise that is owned by a person who is a both a citizen of the United States, and who is a member of either the Asian, Black, Hispanic or Native American minority group.

Certification is the process of confirming that a business enterprise is at least 51% owned, controlled and operated by an ethnic minority. 

Certification Criteria:

  • A for profit enterprise.
  • Physically located in the United States or its trust territories.
  • At least 51% minority owned, operated (managed) and controlled and governed by an ethnic-minority group member or members.
  • For the purpose of the NMSDC certification, an ethnic minority group member is an individual who is at least 25% African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino American, Native American, Asian-Pacific American, or Asian-Indian American by birth or bloodline.
Certification Application Process:
  • The MBE certification process can take up to 90 days from the time the on-line application is completed, including all of the requested documents, and the application processing fee has been paid.
  • Each applicant is strongly encouraged to attend the Pre-certification Briefing at least 30 days before you plan to apply. The Pre-certification Briefing will provide answers to the following questions: 
    • What does the NMSDC certification involve?
    • What are the certification criteria?
    • What documents are required?
    • What is the certification time-line?
    • How to access and complete the on-line application?
The Briefings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. To register, click here.
  • A site visit is conducted to confirm and verify information submitted.
  • The Certification Committee meets monthly to review applications and make their recommendations on approval or denial to the CRMSDC Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors makes the final determination after which the application is notified.
  • If your application is approved, you will be notified by email and an invoice for your initial certification fee will be issued.  Upon receipt of the payment, you will receive a copy of your MBE certificate via email and an original copy during the New MBE Orientation. The Orientations are held every four months.
  • If your application is not approved, you may re-apply after 1 year or you can appeal the Board’s decision within 30 days. 
Fee Schedule for Certification Processing
Fee Category Class I
Under $1M
Class II
$1M - $10M
Class III
$10M - $50M
Class IV
Over $50M
Processing Fee
$350.00 $350.00 $350.00 $350.00
Initial Certification Fee $350.00 $600.00 $900.00 $1,200.00
Recertification Fee $350.00 $600.00 $900.00 $1,200.00
Expedited Processing Fee
$1,200.00 $1,200.00 $1,200.00 $1,200.00
If you have completed the Pre-Certification Briefing, Apply Now
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